Andreas Kleovoulou is a child who grew up in Pano Platres, a village in Limassol District. He studied Food Science and Technology at the School of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where he graduated with honors.

He did postgraduate certificate in Food Microbiology and Food Quality Assurance Systems. Returning to Cyprus, while working, he did a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at CIIM.

From a young age he worked in the food sector as a waiter and after graduating in the food industry both as a permanent employee and as an external consultant. He also worked in the shipping industry as a Food Quality Officer supplying ships.

Realizing the importance of the training of the human resources of the companies in the development of the company and in the shortest achievement of its goals, he attended courses of trainers of the HRD where after exams he obtained the Certificate of the Vocational Training Instructor from the Human Resources Development Authority (AnAD) where until today he practices education, adopting lifelong learning as his life attitude. Along the way, following the recommendation of his clients, he attended and obtained after exams the professional qualification in the Training of Executives of Private Employment Agencies (IGEE) where he operates the company Estia Gnosis Group Ltd so that there will be staff available to be trained.

His professional interests are the combination of food business education for safe food and the strategy to achieve these financial goals. His hobbies are tennis and cherry picking just to remind him where he started.


After obtaining the vocational training certificate, Andreas began his career with the knowledge he acquired and the idea and belief that vocational training will change and upgrade the human resources of Cyprus.

So in 2016, he gave his first seminar to professionals through AnAD and there he started a wide range of seminars that become even more every year.

He started the grants to companies the very next year and in 2018 he founded the private employment agency. Since then, thanks to the perfectly qualified staff and training partners, he has continued his involvement in European programs for the last two years.

Who We Are‚Äč

A group of simple and everyday people with a vision of our maximum contribution to the goals below:

  • Ensuring Excellent Vocational Training of Employees
  • Ensuring Better Work of Employees
  • Withdrawal of the maximum Funds that a Business is entitled to every three years (200,000 Euros)
  • Finding Work for Unemployed People
  • New Employee Wage Grant for Employers
  • Quality Website Creation and Business Oversight
  • Participation in European Programs
  • We break the comfort zones in people’s lives to go to a higher level.

Mission of Estia Gnosis Group Ltd

The provision of high quality training in the most comprehensible way possible by the trainers.

Customer service from employees with a simple and humane approach.

Immediate notification of grants to new and existing partners.

Granting customers no risk to them.

Ensuring long-term cooperation with customers and partners.

Certifications of professional qualifications to people who were not fortunate enough to have an academic education.

Training of staff from third countries for their smooth integration into elderly people or families and businesses.

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